Warranty Policy

2 Year Limited Warranty

Claims considered must be purchased online or from an authorized retailer.

You will be asked to adhere to the following for a Two (2) Year Limited Warranty claim

  • Go to our contact page at www.malojaclothing.com to connect with us or by direct email info@malojaclothing.com.
  • Locate original purchase receipt or provide purchase order number and full name of whom the order was placed by.
  • To fast track the process please take a photograph of the damaged product to be submitted with your warranty claim.

Retail Customer Warranty claim MUST be returned to the Retail Store where item was purchased. Retail Store will process warranty claims through Malojaclothing.com Customer Service. An RA# will be given to the Retailer once they have contacted Malojaclothing Customer Service and been approved for warranty service.

Items that can be repaired will be processed as follows:

  • Repaired locally and Retail Store invoices Malojaclothing for repair cost.
  • Item is sent to Malojaclothing Customer Service for repair.
  • Retail Store is instructed to send item to Malojaclothing authorized repair shop directly.

Items that cannot be repaired should be taken back from the customer by the Retail Store and will be processed as follows:

  • Returned to Maloja Clothing Customer Service per return instructions. Retail Store can replace with current stock or issue customer credit. Maloja will credit Retail Store account for the item.

MalojaClothing.com/Online Orders Warranty, claims should be submitted to malojaclothing.com customer service directly for approval.

All Garments sent for warranty repair MUST be sent in clean condition or they will be returned.

Cost of shipping for approved items will be paid for by Maloja. Maloja Clothing Customer Service will provide a shipping label.

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