U.S. Biathlon Team


Women's Insulated Jacket
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Men's Insulated Jacket
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Women's Longsleeve
Women's Race Suit
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The 19th of November 2018 was a very special day and one for the Maloja history books. We welcomed some very special guests, the U.S. Biathlon Team, and to start things off we had to get them dressed up in their new Maloja gear. Since signing a 4 year contract back in spring, we have been looking forward to this day when all the athletes and trainers would stand before us in their Maloja outfits.

U.S. Biathlon Team

Maloja at it‘s core is passionate about Nordic sports and when we finally got to see the team in their new kits we were lost for words. Years ago we could not fathom the idea of our clothing being put to the test at IBU World Cups or even a the future Olympic Games in Beijing, however an unlikely dream has come true. For us, this partnership with the amazing athletes, trainers and staff of the U.S. Biathlon Team is truly something special and we look forward to supporting them through to 2022.

U.S. Biathlon Team
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